Intel’s Direct Contract with Presbyterian Healthcare Services

What did they do?

Intel’s healthcare costs were rising at an unsustainable double-digit rate, even after years of benefit plan design changes, wellness programs, and onsite clinics.  In 2011, Intel decided to use its traditional business expertise in collaborating with supply chain vendors in order to seek a way to turn healthcare into a competitive advantage.  Intel and Presbyterian Health Services worked together to build an innovative healthcare system in New Mexico that would fulfill Intel employee needs for a per-employee-per-month fee plus shared risk and savings.


Healthcare Partner:
Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico 

“After a decade of applying the usual levers to improve its employees’ health and contain rising healthcare costs, Intel believes it is time for employers to work more directly to transform the payment and delivery systems for healthcare.”  –White Paper: Employer-Led Innovation for Healthcare Delivery and Payment Reform: Intel Corporation and Presbyterian Healthcare Services 

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