Forthright Health bridges the divide between Employers and Primary Care Physicians

Simple & Direct

Customized to your employees

We build large-scale Direct Primary Care contracting communities that allow local Primary Care Physicians to focus on strong patient relationships based upon great service and accountability for health outcomes, not transactions and billing codes.


You choose from the local, established doctors in your area, which is very different from a one-size-fits-all Onsite Clinic.

It plugs right in

Sits alongside your PPO or other network and fits into your employees’ busy lives

Here’s how:


Employers Say Enough is Enough!

A self-insured employer wants to reduce healthcare costs and provide better employee benefits


Pay Less and Get More

Employees are tired of having their deductibles raised and not receiving anything in return, and want to access the healthcare system in a way that fits into their busy lives


Can’t Save the Body without Fixing the heart

US healthcare costs are driven by the system’s structure – Primary Care is the intake or “heart” of the system – costs are driven higher when Primary Care physicians have no choice but to push patients through appointments as quickly as possible by ordering lots of tests and referring to many specialists


Easily Scalable to Dispersed Employees

The employer supplies Forthright Health with a list of the cities and towns where employees live, and Forthright Health partners with the local Primary Care physicians in those communities


Direct, No Middleman

The employer agrees to contract directly with Forthright Health’s community of Primary Care doctors and make a monthly retainer payment (bypassing the insurance company or TPA) to any doctor chosen by an employee, no confusing insurance paperwork involved



Employees can choose any doctor within the Forthright Health community and access them 24/7, as many times as they need, using whatever means or technology is most convenient, and with ZERO copays, coinsurance, or surprise bills


Freedom and Convenience

Participating physicians are FREE to care for patients in the best way possible, using whatever means and technology is best for the patient (the physician and patient are no longer limited to the largely ineffective 10 minute office visit)


No Changing Doctors Required

Employees can choose either the Forthright Health Network physicians and pay $0 and have ZERO claims, or they can stick with their usual employer PPO or other network providers


No Long-Term Commitment

Payment is only made to a physician when an employee chooses one within the Forthright Health community, employees can choose a different physician every month or they can decide to go back to a physician within the employer’s PPO or other network, or they can go back and forth


Lower Cost, Better Benefits

Since employees now have a trusting relationship with a physician who they can access whenever they need and without any out-of-pocket costs, issues are addressed and managed without the need for high-cost specialists, tests, procedures, and hospitalization

Exclusive, large-scale physician communities are built by using established Primary Care Physicians who have convenient practice locations near where your employees live and work.

Here is an example of a relatively small Forthright Health community that was built in Southeast Michigan:

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