Goodbye Primary Care Constraints

Hello to the Future of Great Care

Forthright Health incrementally frees primary care physicians from the insurance/government-based system

Join with Other Local Physicians and Begin Seeing Patients Free of Coding and Paperwork

You can free yourself as a physician and change our healthcare delivery system without taking on extra work and without interrupting your current panel and long-term relationships.

We are recruiting 20-40 physicians in each region that want to change healthcare without disrupting their current practice.

Open to all primary care physicians – independent, groups, hospital employed, etc!

You have the power to change it!

Change Built from the Bottom Up

Primary Care Physicians Uniting Together

We can’t trust the administrators, insurance companies, and politicians that created this mess to fix it.


Your Focus should be on Delivering Great Care

Leave the other stuff to us

Forthright Health provides legal support, sales, marketing, billing, customer service, many of the things you don’t have time to do as a busy physician.

The Springboard that Empowers You

Build a bridge to customers

Forthright Health puts the infrastructure in place to attract employers, wraparound insurance plans, exchanges and other value-added tools and services.


Forthright Health

Demand the respect you deserve and take control of our healthcare system

Practice the Way You Always Wanted

You can be free of coding, paperwork and mandates.  Your only responsibility is to deliver the best care possible to your patients, in whatever ethical form you desire.  If you want to make housecalls, you can.  If you want to text message with your patients, you can.  If you want to monitor your patients’ gym use and eating habits, you can.   What if you were compensated to keep people healthy, not to do tasks?

You Can Take Control, Commit to Patients, Not Insurance Companies

We will be waiting forever for bureaucrats, administrators and lawmakers to construct a system that actually makes sense.  You are smarter than all of them anyway.  It is time for physicians to take control and design a system built around the true needs of patients, not based on the coding system and mandates from the government, insurance companies and large hospital systems.

Open The Door to Physician Freedom

You are currently constrained by a payment system that only compensates you if you see patients face-to-face in your office.  Meanwhile, the insurance-based coding and paperwork system adds nearly 50% to your overhead.  What if you could begin to remove those two constraints?  How would you deliver care if you didn’t have to worry about RVU targets and seeing 25+ patients per day?

Change Built From the Bottom Up, Primary Care Physicians Uniting Together

Almost all of the efforts to change healthcare to date have originated from the top down.  Where have those initiatives that left us?  Primary care is the most crucial part of healthcare.  You know what changes need to be made, but for too long your voice has fallen on deaf ears.  Forthright Health wants you to be able to make those changes with the support and safety of other primary care physicians in your region.


You’re busy struggling to keep your head above water and now Forthright Health is coming along and asking you to change things.  You don’t have time for that.  That’s why Forthright is here to provide many of the things you don’t have time to do as a busy physician – sales, marketing, billing, customer service, etc.  If we change healthcare the right way, your life and vocation should be easier, not harder.


Going it alone is risky.  Most patients lack even a basic knowledge of how healthcare works and is financed.  In order to change healthcare, we need to take advantage of existing distribution networks.  Forthright Health frees primary care while opening the doors to employers, wraparound insurance plans, and private and public exchanges.

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