New Law Says that Physicians that Participate in Direct Contracts or Direct Primary Care CANNOT be Classified as Insurance Companies

It was an honor for Forthright Health’s Founding Partner, Tom Valenti, to testify in support of and help Michigan State Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R – Canton) push SB 1033 through the legislative process.  Sen. Colbeck wants to bring true healthcare system change that will benefit all Michigan citizens.  He realizes that we will never solve our cost, quality and access problems if don’t fundamentally reform the part of healthcare that every individual interacts with the most: Primary Care.

Primary care physicians need to be free from the insurance/government/hospital/specialist dominated system.  Only then will they be able to provide the most comprehensive, coordinated, and cost-effective care to all those in need.

We applaud Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s signature of SB 1033 which officially codifies it as Public Act 522 of 2014

Governor signs Colbeck bill on free-market health care

Governor Signs Bill Freeing Up Market Approach to Health Care 

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