A Well-Constructed Health Plan Requires a Direct-Pay Model

Play with deductibles, coinsurance and copays all you want, but you’re not fixing the problem.

75% of healthcare costs are the result of largely preventable and treatable chronic disease.  However, in most cases, the disease is not the real cause.  As this picture shows, there is no blood test or CT scan that can diagnose the root drivers of poor health.

 Source: @adrane

Primary care is the only part of our health system that can diagnose and treat the real issues.  Yet, we continue to construct and purchase health plans that do little to speak to the true, upfront needs of patients.

For companies as small as 80 employees, BlueSky Health can cover 80-90% of an employee’s true health needs for around $100/month.  Use a direct-pay model and self-administer in partnership with a stop-loss insurance product, and you finally have a health plan that fixes healthcare.

Do you want to fix it?

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