Employers and Doctors Reviving the Heart of Healthcare

Scalable Direct Primary Care that meets the needs of your geographically dispersed employees

The must-have in your benefit plan

Everyone promises a healthcare “solution”, but…

Nothing will work without first addressing the Heart of Healthcare: Primary Care

Primary Care is the heart.  It is the center that triggers all other, much more costly, healthcare services:  Specialist visits, Prescriptions, ER use, Hospitalization, Surgeries and Procedures, Lab and Imaging Studies, Mental Health, etc.


A proven solution:

Successful primary care must be relationship-based, not transaction-based

Relationship-based primary care means that your personal doctor is free from insurance-based constraints in order to provide the best care possible using whatever means is most convenient for you, the patient – in-office, phone, text, email, video, house-call, etc.

NO changes to your benefit plan required

It plugs right in, NO extra admin work

NO upfront cost, NO long-term commitment

We Can Establish a Large-Scale Primary Care Community for You Anywhere in the US

Give your employees and their families direct, 24/7, no copay access to the established doctors in their local communities.

Your custom Primary Care Community could look like this:

With over 50 doctors participating, this is what a Forthright Health Direct Primary Care Community looks like***.  These well-known, long established, innovative physicians are ready to serve your employees directly.

***Customizable to each employer: What specific physicians (including additional physicians to those not already listed), how many physicians, and what areas of the country***

We can build a community like this in nearly every part of the US!

Forthright Health Direct Primary Care Network Map in Metro Detroit Michigan

These experts know…

“You look all around the world, you have no prayer of fixing healthcare if you don’t get primary care right.”

-Dave Chase

Founder of the Health Rosetta and former Global Head of Microsoft’s healthcare business

“the chronic sick seldom go to wellness. All the stuff we rolled out didn’t drive costs down by themselves, they often created just another door for members to go through… Our goal is to get the members tied into a primary care team and get out of the way, let them practice medicine. We don’t have an insurance company in the mix. It frees them up to do what they need to do.”

-Brian Devore

Former Director of Healthcare Ecosystem and Strategy at Intel Corp

“The stronger the primary care, the lower the costs.”

-Barbara Starfield, MD

Former Head of the Department of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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