We all want to achieve the same goal

Better healthcare at a lower cost.

Forthright Health brings a different point of view from that of the status quo.

Let’s take control from those who have made healthcare too complicated and costly.


We’re all paying for it!

Our Core Belief:

Primary care physicians (Family Physicians, Internists and Pediatricians) – the heart of healthcare – are the most important piece of the US system.  We will never fix healthcare until we free these under-appreciated doctors and allow them to use all of their training and expertise to innovate beyond the tired 10-minute office visit.

It’s Very Simple and Easy if We Do it Together

We have been frustrated just like you!

Forthright Health grew from unfortunate family healthcare experiences.

We discovered that healthcare is nothing more than a service business that has been purposely made way too complicated.  Complication that is intended to mask and justify the ridiculous cost increases that annually flow to the status quo.

Thus, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our system get back to its true heart.

How does it work?

Tom Valenti
Founding Partner

Forthright Health is the culmination of learning from a 10 year mission that began with unfortunate family healthcare experiences.  Forthright Health’s founder, Tom Valenti, initially created a technology-based tool called ConnectAde, which was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” in 2011. Tom realized he needed to expand the mission as without a wholesale change in the way healthcare is delivered, technology will not transform healthcare like it has with nearly every other industry.

As the next step in the mission, Tom co-created the first Direct Primary Care medical practice in Michigan, BlueSky Health, as a means to change the heart of healthcare. As COO of BlueSky, Tom testified multiple times in front of the State of Michigan Senate (watch here), wrote a featured editorial in the Detroit News (read here), was published in KevinMD and The Health Care Blog (read here), and presented the concept of Direct Primary Care at a press conference at the Michigan Capitol Building (watch here).

However, Tom learned that Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine are extremely difficult delivery models to scale to large patient populations through a retail model. This led to the creation of Forthright Health, linking the needs of employers and physicians.

Tom spent the first six years of his professional career as a convertible bond arbitrage trader in New York City. Tom is a fortunate father and husband, and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

You can learn more about his career history on his LinkedIn page.  Please get in touch with him!

“No other industry refers to itself as a ‘system’ and waits for others to reform it.  Apple doesn’t refer to the ‘tech system’.  Starbucks doesn’t call it the ‘coffee system’.  No, they go out and innovate, fix it themselves!”

Tom Valenti

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